Roofing Maintenance Company Soars to New Heights

Our latest client is a roofing maintenance company specialising in fixing small leads and related issues. Despite their early success, they faced a common headache many growing businesses encounter: cash flow management.
Worker man replacing tiles on an old roof.

Nestled in the heart of Bridlington, our latest deal is a roofing maintenance company specialising in fixing small leaks and related issues. Since February 2022, this company has been making waves in the local area. With a dedicated team and a commitment to service quality, they’re quickly becoming a trusted name amongst local businesses.


Despite their early success, they started facing a common headache many growing businesses encounter: cash flow management. They found themselves juggling the need to meet weekly payroll, purchase supplies, and a 30-day payment term for customers. Creating a financial gap that was in desperate need of filling.


Enter Apollo Business Finance, we provided the client with a tailored full factoring solution with a £30,000 funding limit. We allowed our client to choose which customers they wanted to finance, giving them the flexibility they needed without the obligation to finance all of their customers.


This deal came through a trusted introducer, with an eye for a perfect match, they recognised the potential synergy between our client’s aspirations and our financial support. With the invoice finance facility in place, our client was geared for take-off.


And what a take-off it was! Our client can now confidently quote for more B2B work, knowing they have the financial backing to support their cash flow. This newfound stability translated into an expected turnover increase of an additional £40,000 per month! Allowing them to scale operations further and secure their position in the market.

This latest deal is a testament to the ambitious growth plans of our latest client. With Apollo in their corner, our client has not only sealed their cash flow leaks but also paved the way for a future of growth and success!

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