Our Client Handles Own Credit Control (CHOCCs) facility gives you the control to manage your payments.

Manage your own credit control

Our CHOCCs facility is very similar to our invoice finance facility. Except you take complete control of your credit control. This means you can choose how to handle any outstanding customer payments.

This is great for any medium to large business, who have an established credit control team who can pursue late payers.

If you’d prefer to leave credit control to someone else. Apollo has an in-house, professional credit control team. Who can quickly and effectively handle any outstanding payments.

How does this work?

CHOCCs is similar to our invoice finance facility except you have full credit control.

Who we work with


Get paid each time your client uses us to raise funds. Refer clients easily over email, phone, or Zoom. We are an all-status lender.

Existing Clients

We see ourselves not just as a lender but as part of your team, working towards the same goals. It’s part of the reason why our clients stay with us long-term.

New Clients

There are several industries in which invoice financing is commonly used including: transportation, staffing agencies, manufacturing and many more.

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Fill out the form with all of your information and a member of the Apollo Finance team will respond within 24 hours. 

We never say NO and can provide business finance whatever your circumstances. 

We will never share your information with third-party organisations, and you can opt out of our database at any time.