Handle your credit control with our CHOCCs facility

Our Client Handles Own Credit Control (CHOCCs) facility gives you the control to manage your payments.

Streamline payment collections, strengthen customer relationships, and secure your cash flow.

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What is CHOCCs?

CHOCCs (Client Handles Own Credit Control) is very similar to our invoice finance facilities. The only key difference is that the client handles their credit control process.

Think of it like this: You’re a small business, and you’ve sent out your invoices to your customers. You need the money from those invoices now. But there’s a 30 to 90-day wait on those invoices! Now you’ve got a gap in cash flow that needs filling ASAP.

CHOCC allows you to get paid by a funder, usually within 24 hours, of issuing those invoices. You then retain control of collecting payments from customers once they’re due

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How Does CHOCCs Work?

CHOCCs is a simple way to get paid faster using your outstanding invoices.

You continue to interact directly with your customers for payments. Whilst we provide you with the upfront cash you need.


invoices financed

You get paid instantly by us. We’ll provide up to 90% of the invoices value, usually within a few days.


Issue Your Invoices

Send out your invoices for the products or services you’ve provided. These invoices specify when the payment is due.


payment collection

When the customer pays the invoice, you’ll receive the remaining amount minus fees. You handle the entire collection process.

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what are the benefits of CHOCCs?

CHOCCs offer several benefits for businesses who want to handle their credit control process. Here are some of the benefits of CHOCCs:

Immediately Access Funds

CHOCCs bridge the gap between invoice issuing and payment. Instead of waiting for your clients to pay, you get the money within a matter of days.

Remove cash flow challenges

Because you handle collections, you maintain business relationships with your customers. 

Maintain customer relationships

With CHOCCs, you interact directly with your customers regarding payment. Customers dealing with you, not a finance company, can sometimes be more favourable.


We understand that you may have questions about our services.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision:
In CHOCCs, the business handles collections, while in invoice finance, the funder takes charge of collecting payments from customers. The choice depends on whether the business wants to handle collections or delegate this task to the finance company.

It’s suitable for businesses that have strong collection procedures and want to maintain direct customer relationships. Businesses with less effective collection processes may prefer invoice finance.