Expand Your Funding Options

While invoice finance is our main lending product, we do offer additional funding to help our clients.

Additional funding for your business

We’re happy to offer additional funding to help our clients. These can be cash advances, asset finance, and trader finance facilities. 

Some of these products are provided directly or if we can’t provide the correct service, we have a network of great lenders and introducers who will be happy to help.

What can additional funding be used for?

Make use of our additional funding facilities…

Who we work with


Get paid each time your client uses us to raise funds. Refer clients easily over email, phone, or Zoom. We are an all-status lender, regardless of adverse history.

Existing Clients

We see ourselves not just as a lender but as part of your team, working towards the same goals. It’s part of the reason why our clients stay with us long-term.

New Clients

There are several industries in which invoice financing is commonly used including: transportation, staffing agencies, manufacturing and many more.