Overcoming Financial Challenges with Apollo

At Apollo Business Finance, we pride ourselves on standing by our clients in need, offering more than just financial assistance; we offer a helping hand to navigate challenges. Today, we bring you a remarkable story that showcases the spirit of resilience and partnership.

A Steady Start:

In February 2022, a valued client embarked on a commercial flooring project with determination and enthusiasm. The project was significant, and Apollo provided an invoice finance facility to support the supplier and wage commitments. They secured the necessary funds with Apollo’s support and embarked on their journey.

An Unexpected Blow:

Fast forward to July 2023, and the landscape has drastically changed. The client’s primary customer, a cornerstone of their business, faced financial turmoil and went into administration, leaving a considerable debt of £50,000. This unexpected blow could have destabilised any business, but our client’s story takes a different turn.

The Apollo Difference:

When faced with such adversity, most financial lenders might have chosen to withdraw their support, leaving the client in a dire situation. However, at Apollo Business Finance, we believe in being more than just lenders; we are partners.

Recognising the client’s commitment and potential, we took a different approach. Instead of cutting off funding, we extended a helping hand. We provided a cash advance of £30,000 to ease the immediate financial strain caused by the bad debtor’s position. But our support didn’t stop there.

A Path to Recovery:

Understanding the challenges our clients faced, we worked closely with them to design a solution that would allow them to navigate this tough period. Rather than demanding immediate repayment of the bad debt, we offered a flexible plan. Our client was given the option to repay the debt over 12 months, ensuring they could trade through this trying time without being burdened by insurmountable financial pressure.

The Result:

Thanks to this collaborative effort, our client not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger than ever. By providing financial stability during a critical phase, we enabled them to focus on their core business operations, rebuild relationships, and gradually recover from the impact of the bad debt.


This success story is a testament to the partnership we forge with our clients. We understand that challenges are inevitable in the business world, but with the right support, they can be turned into opportunities for growth.

At Apollo Business Finance, we are more than just a funding source; we are allies in your journey, ready to stand by your side through thick and thin. As we continue to empower businesses to overcome obstacles and achieve their aspirations, this story remains a shining example of our commitment to your success.

If you’re ready to experience the Apollo difference and embark on a journey of growth and resilience, we’re here to make it happen.

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Overcoming Financial Challenges with Apollo

In the ever-shifting landscape of business, where triumphs and trials interweave, Apollo Business Finance stands as more than just a financial provider. We’re partners in the journey, and today, we’re excited to share a story that exemplifies the essence of this partnership.