Celebrating Business Success in June

At Apollo, we love to celebrate the success of our clients. Being able to help small and micro-businesses grow through the power of invoice financing solutions brings us great joy! That’s why, every month, we will be posting our most successful client stories of the month, check them out in this article.

Freezing the Facility

We have a one-person client in haulage, who runs his business independently. In the middle of his contract with us, he ceased trading for 6 months, due to unforeseen circumstances. Many finance companies would’ve terminated the facility there and then, but not Apollo! We froze his facility, and as soon as he began trading again, we went live with the facility. He is now growing his business rapidly and experiencing continued success in his growth.

Handling a Dispute

We have had a client since October 2020, who provides crane drivers to the rail industry. They had been trading well until they had a serious dispute with one of their main customers, who refused to settle their account of over £150,000. This naturally caused serious difficulties for our client. Using Apollo’s free in-house legal department, we were able to settle the case effectively without a court case, and a payment arrangement was agreed upon, which has enabled the client to continue to trade.

Rapid Growth

We had a client join us in January, who provides display support to major retailers through their intermediary customers. We set them up with a facility of £25,000, which enabled them to meet the credit terms set by their customers. Since January, we have agreed on several increases in their facility, and have just approved a further increase to £150,000. Without Apollo, this rapid growth would not have been possible.