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9 Ways Invoice Finance Can Support Your Start-up in 2024

With us rolling into 2024, many start-up business owners will set new goals for themselves and their companies. Undoubtedly, growing the business will be one of these. There are many approaches they could take to reach this goal, such as buying new and improved stock, hiring more staff, and investing in marketing, all are great. However, many start-ups face a common challenge, they can’t adopt any of these strategies because their customers keep paying them late. With start-ups, cash flow is limited, and many simply don’t have the financial buffer to invest in growth and cover immediate/unexpected expenses. Think about

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The 8-Step Guide to Preparing Your Small Business for Invoice Finance

Table of Contents For small business owners, mastering cash flow can feel like taming a wild beast. However, there’s a powerful tool at your disposal: invoice finance. It’s the key to unlocking capital and expanding your business horizons. If you’re ready to explore this financial avenue, our comprehensive 8-step guide is your roadmap to success. Step 1: Evaluate Your Business Needs Before you dive into invoice finance, take a moment to assess if it aligns with your business’s unique requirements. Consider your cash flow cycles, credit history, and outstanding invoices. If you’re dealing with extended payment terms or navigating cash

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5 Ways Invoice Finance Can Help Your Business Grow in the New Year

As we step into a new year, businesses nationwide are gearing up to achieve fresh milestones, expand their horizons, and realise ambitious growth plans. If you’re among these visionary entrepreneurs, your funding options might include loans, seeking investors, or even crowdfunding. But have you considered the often-overlooked gem of finance – invoice finance?

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