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Small businesses have potentially several viable choices of lending to grow their business. Whether it’s through a regular bank or an alternative lender, it’s important to look into all possibilities before choosing which is best for your business model and future growth. The crucial component of success is determining where and how you intend to obtain the required funding. Many businesses are turning to invoice factoring as their main source of company funding. Invoicing factoring is the process of selling your accounts receivables/ book debts to an alternative lender. Rather than maintaining them in your company’s bank account or on

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UK Small Business Owners are Turning to Personal Loans to Tackle Funding Struggles

Due to the difficulties they have in acquiring external funding, many UK small business owners are starting to turn to personal loans to support their companies. It was found that 47% of SME business owners had trouble obtaining outside funding. More than half of UK SME owners have taken our loans to support their businesses. Businesses and lenders cannot prosper in the current small business lending climate. Since lenders lack the information needed to make informed choices, and the application procedure is so onerous for SMEs, many of these owners are now choosing to take out personal loans instead of

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6 Ways Invoice Finance Can Help with Cash Flow

It has been found that almost half of invoices are paid late which deprives many small businesses of cash. Tight cash flow makes it hard to pay bills, hire staff, buy inventory, or expand.  Historically, businesses in this predicament have either taken out a loan or struggled to make ends meet. Invoice finance might be a more flexible and speedier choice. Below, we’ve included 6 ways invoice financing can help with cash flow management… Borrow Money Without Taking on More Debt Unlike typical loans, which must be held on the balance sheet for at least a year, invoice financing works

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One in eight small businesses in arrears over Covid bounce-back loans

Recently, it was found that 193,000 businesses had fallen behind on their bounce-back loan repayments and had not adhered to the terms of their loans. 151,000 of those arrears are more than 90 days past due, which is regarded as the threshold for being in serious financial distress. With a combined total debt of more than £4.5 billion. Since then, the government has taken additional steps to help people in financial difficulty, including the introduction of the new “Pay as You Grow” programme. While loans can be helpful, businesses are increasingly finding themselves in dire financial straits because they are

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3 ways the cost of living crisis is affecting UK small businesses

We can all agree that the past few years have brought uncertainty and worry. For business owners, these times can be especially troubling. With the rise of inflation and living costs, business owners must look for solutions. These increasing pressures have left many directors in panic and uncertainty. Worrying about what direction to take their business in. SMBs especially, due to their lack of resources, will be feeling the pressure. But don’t worry, Apollo is here to help! In this article, we will analyse three ways the cost of living crisis is affecting UK SMBs. We will also look at

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