Accelerating Cash Flow for a Business Consultant

Explore how Apollo Finance accelerated cash flow for a Croydon-based business consultant facing payment term changes, providing financial stability in just 48 hours. Read the success story now!
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The world of consulting is fast-paced, where cash flow consistency stands out. We’ve recently onboarded a new client, a business consultant in London, who was struggling with managing their cash flow. Introduced to us by one of our introducers, this case study highlights how Apollo stepped in to provide a swift and effective solution.

The Challenge

The client’s business focuses on consultancy services and a significant amount of their work was under IR35 regulations. This meant that payments were made on a 7-day basis, providing a steady cash flow.

However, the situation changed when they secured a new contract with a large customer. Unlike previous contracts, this one operated on a non-IR35 basis and involved a 6-month commitment. 

Invoices for this contract were raised at the end of each month with 40-day payment terms. This meant the client needed to cover expenses and payroll for an entire month before receiving payment.

To further complicate matters, the client’s long-standing customer, who had a 7-day payment term, extended their payment terms to 45 days, causing a sudden cash-flow gap.

The Apollo Solution

The prospect approached Apollo, urgently looking for funding to cover wages and expenses while awaiting payment from their new client. The urgency of the situation was amplified by the fact the customer has unexpectedly extended their payment terms from 7 to 45 days.

The Swift Response

We moved swiftly to assist. Here’s a breakdown of the timeline:

26th September: The prospect was introduced to Apollo

27th September: The funding facility was approved.

28th September: Documentation was signed, and funds were paid out.

In just 48 hours from the initial introduction, we provided the funding the client needed to maintain their operations and seize new growth opportunities.

The Result

The speed and efficiency of Apollo’s invoice finance solution had a direct and immediate impact on the client’s business. The ability to access funds based on their outstanding invoices provided a financial lifeline, allowing them to meet payroll and cover expenses without delay. Here are some of the benefits they experienced:

  1. Improved Cash Flow: The client no longer had to wait 45 days for payments, thanks to invoice finance.
  2. Operational Stability: The consistent cash flow meant the business could run smoothly and meet financial obligations on time.
  3. Quick Turnaround: The entire process, from introduction to pay-out, took just 48 hours, providing the client with a rapid solution during a crucial time.
Business consultant showing graph to business owners.

I was lucky enough to use Apollo who helped me get Invoice Financing in less than a week. They helped me to speak with my client and be really clear on what happens and when and when payments are made etc. So helpful and personal – I could not recommend them more!

Apollo’s timely and efficient invoice finance solution helped our client overcome a challenging cash flow situation, ensuring their business remained stable and on track for growth.

If you’d like to explore invoice finance, feel free to get in touch with us! We’d be happy to help you and your business.

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