A-REC Education Ltd is a specialist education recruitment consultancy focusing on long-term and permanent placements within schools in the Home Counties area.A-REC Education was a brand-new start-up company that needed support with its cash flow and invoices.Now, thanks to Apollo, they can focus on growing their start-up enterprise instead of spending time chasing late payments.

Business Growth Halted by Late Payers

A-REC Education Ltd was a brand-new start-up, that required support in managing its cash flow as well as help chasing invoices.Being a start-up, A-REC Education did not have the time or credit control team to chase late invoices. Resulting in too much time spent on cash flow management, rather than business growth.

How Apollo Supported Them

Thanks to Apollo’s Invoice Finance facility. A-REC Education now receives immediate cash based on the amount owed to them through their invoices.

They also make use of our in-house credit control team, which allows them to spend less time worrying about chasing late payers, and more time focussing on growing their start-up.

“I like working with Apollo due to how efficient their team are. They’re always quick to respond and are very patient. I’m always happy to help chase invoices if needed and feel like myself and the team work well together in that respect.” Says Lois, Director at A-REC Education Ltd.

The Results

Achieving exceptional results like these is possible if you have the right support partner. We know there’s a funding crisis facing SMEs, and many of the high street banks aren’t funding businesses that need it the most.

Let Apollo be your support partner. We’re happy to fund any business regardless of size, poor credit, or CCJs. We believe every business deserves a chance to thrive.