Supporting a Growing Domiciliary Care Business

We are thrilled to welcome an exceptional new client into our Apollo Business Finance family! Hailing from Barnsley, this husband and wife team runs a remarkable domiciliary care business. With a strong commitment to providing essential care services to councils within Yorkshire, their journey is truly inspiring.

Bridging Financial Gaps with Tailored Funding Solutions

At Apollo Business Finance, we understand the importance of maintaining smooth operations for businesses. To support this dedicated team, we are proud to offer a tailored funding solution with a £75,000 limit. This funding will be instrumental in helping them cover staff wages and other essential business expenses.

Navigating Growth with Confidence

Our new client has secured contracts with esteemed councils in both Wakefield and Barnsley. The current revenue stands at approximately £18,000 per month from Wakefield and a significant £50,000 per month from Barnsley. The future holds immense potential for further expansion and impact.

Adapting to Challenges Together

In the face of changing processes, our client remains steadfast in their dedication. With a recent shift in Barnsley council’s procedures, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them, ready to navigate the transition together and prevent any disruptions.

A Bright Path Ahead

As this remarkable business continues to flourish, Apollo Business Finance is fully committed to supporting their growth journey. We have priced the initial facility considering their Wakefield turnover, which amounts to £216,000 annually. Once we ascertain our ability to support their Barnsley debt of £600,000 per year, we will adapt the facility accordingly.

Empowering Dreams and Ambitions

At Apollo Business Finance, we take great pride in empowering businesses with the financial resources they need to thrive and succeed. To all the innovators and visionaries out there, we are here to support your growth ambitions. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your business and achieve remarkable success.