Invoice Finance and Adverse Credit: What You Need to Know

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Running a business often involves navigating financial challenges, and invoice finance can be a lifeline for maintaining cash flow. But what if your business carries the weight of an adverse credit history? Is invoice finance still a viable option? 

In this article, we’ll explore the landscape of invoice finance for businesses with less-than-perfect credit and shed light on how it can be a pathway to financial stability.

Understanding Adverse Credit

Adverse credit history is a term that encompasses situations where a business has struggled with on-time debt payments, loan defaults, or faced County Court Judgments (CCJs). These events can complicate access to traditional funding avenues like loans or lines of credit.

Invoice Finance Providers' Perspective

While some invoice finance providers may indeed conduct credit checks, they also consider a range of other factors when evaluating your eligibility. These factors include the age and industry of your business, as well as your invoice history. The goal is to assess the overall risk associated with your business.

Specialised Solutions for Adverse Credit

Don’t lose hope if your business has a less-than-stellar credit history. There are specialised invoice finance providers who understand the unique challenges you face. These providers offer tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of businesses with adverse credit.

Understanding Costs

It’s essential to be aware that having adverse credit may result in slightly higher fees and interest rates compared to businesses with strong credit histories. This adjustment is made because you’re seen as a higher risk. However, it’s crucial to note that even with these adjustments, invoice finance can often be a more cost-effective solution than alternatives like merchant cash advances or payday loans.


In summary, if you’re grappling with adverse credit, invoice finance remains a viable option to enhance your business’s cash flow. To maximise your chances of approval and favourable terms, thorough research and selection of a suitable provider are essential. 

At Apollo, we recognise that every business is unique, and financial needs vary. That’s why we offer flexible invoice finance solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Reach out to us today, and let’s explore how we can help you achieve improved cash flow, regardless of your credit history. Your financial success is our priority.

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