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How Apollo Sparked Success for a CAD & BIM Start up

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Let’s introduce you to our newest client, a spirited start-up with a challenge we’ve all faced: taming the cash flow rollercoaster.

The Challenge: A Cash Flow Maze

Like many new businesses, our client faced a common headache. They were eager to pay their hardworking employees and reliable suppliers promptly.

However, there was a twist– a pesky 30-day waiting period for customer invoice payments. This gap threatened to disrupt their operations and hinder their growth.

Apollo to the Rescue: A Tailored Financial Lifeline

In their time of need, Apollo Business Finance stepped in with a custom-tailored invoice finance solution designed to suit their unique circumstances. Recognising the tremendous potential within our client’s business, we extended a generous funding limit of £30,000.

This financial lifeline provided them with the agility to overcome immediate cash flow challenges and paved the way for sustainable growth.

A Transformation Worth Shouting About

With Apollo’s unwavering support, our client has achieved newfound financial stability. They now possess the means to meet their payroll commitments and pay suppliers on time, fortifying crucial relationships and ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

This newfound stability has empowered them to refocus their energies on their core business initiatives. Today, they are laser-focused on delivering exceptional CAD and BIM drawing services to their engineering and property development clientele.

A Lesson in Grit and Growth

This success story stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of businesses in the face of financial challenges. It reminds us that every obstacle can be overcome with the right solutions and the right partners.

Our client’s journey is an inspiration, showcasing what determination and innovative financial solutions can achieve. Join us in celebrating their triumph and recognise the remarkable potential that blossoms from partnerships and innovative financial solutions.

At Apollo, we’re here to support businesses in their journey to financial success. If you’re facing cash flow challenges or seeking tailored financial solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can turn your challenges into success.

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