Driving Growth in the Transport Sector

Established in February 2023, it’s already becoming a driving force in its sector, and it’s our privilege to join them on this journey.
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At Apollo Business Finance, we’re excited to introduce our newest client!

While we can’t reveal specific company details, we want to share their journey and vision as a testament to our commitment to supporting businesses across various industries.

A Spark of ambition

This transport company, located in North London, embodies ambition and determination. Established in February 2023, it’s quickly making a name for itself in its sector, and we’re thrilled to be part of its journey.

Leadership and Collaboration

Led by an experienced Director and a 100% Shareholder, this company benefits from industry expertise.

What’s even more impressive is the Director’s partnership with a trusted friend, highlighting the strength of teamwork and shared goals.

Navigating New Opportunities

Though the company is relatively new, it has big aspirations. With a projected monthly turnover of £50,000, its strategy involves serving direct customers while exploring opportunities on a courier exchange platform.

This adaptable approach positions them for growth in a dynamic market.

Promising Potential

What’s truly exciting is the potential behind this partnership. With a projected annual turnover of £350,000, this young company is on the path to success.

However, they face financial challenges during customer settlement waiting periods.

Supporting Growth

Fuel, wages, and vehicle maintenance costs are essential for their business. However, waiting for customers to settle accounts can create financial obstacles. 

Apollo Business Finance steps in not just as a financial partner but as a catalyst for growth. We provide more than just funding; we offer the support they need to confidently take off.

As we start this journey, we’re grateful for the trust our new partners have in us. At Apollo Business Finance, we see ourselves as more than financiers; we’re partners in progress.

The success story of this transport company is now intertwined with ours, and we look forward to celebrating their milestones, achievements, and growth.

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