A Year in Review: Apollo’s 78% Market Share Increase in 2023

We're thrilled to share our year-in-review - which highlights the incredible journey we went on in 2023! Amid the challenges 2023 brought, we experienced an incredible 78% surge in market share, supporting 166 small businesses across the UK. Curious about the details? Join us in reliving the highlights of 2023!
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The backdrop of 2023 was one of economic challenges, with small businesses grappling with interest rate hikes, increased costs, and inflation. Distressingly, 40% of small businesses found themselves with less than three months’ worth of cash to support their operations. In these challenging times, sustainable solutions become crucial, and we’re grateful that Apollo was at the forefront of providing support.


In 2022, Apollo Business Finance supported 98 small businesses. Fast forward to 2023, and our impact has grown exponentially – supporting 166 small businesses. This surge in support has empowered businesses, providing them with the crucial cash flow needed to meet expenses on time, invest in new opportunities, and grow.


Notably, Apollo experienced the highest increase in new deals among mid-tier independent lenders in the UK, boasting a remarkable 78% surge in market share compared to 2022. Of these deals, approximately 87% were with small and micro businesses, underlining our commitment to empowering the backbone of the economy.


This success story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging our network of introducers. Many of these deals came to fruition through referrals, and we want to express our gratitude for the positive gain we’ve experienced thanks to our introducers. Their trust and commitment to Apollo have not only strengthened our partnerships but have also played a pivotal role in our shared success.


As we step into 2024, the momentum continues. In January alone, we’ve already paid out 12 new deals compared to 7 in January 2023. This promising start indicates a year of further growth, with plans to expand our team to better serve the increasing demands. Get ready to meet some new faces in 2024!


We want to express our deepest gratitude to both our clients and introducers. To our clients, thank you for entrusting us with your business funding needs. To our introducers, thank you for entrusting us with your client’s aspirations and challenges. Your trust forms the bedrock of our success.


As we enter a new year of possibilities, we invite businesses in need of financial support and potential introducers to join us in this journey. Whether you’re exploring financing options or seeking a reliable partner, contact Apollo today! Let’s build success together.

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Apollo Business Finance is one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent invoice finance lender. We provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the cash flow support they need to grow, regardless of credit history or past hurdles.

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